Ingredients in our Anti Wrinkle Complex

Here is a list of the ingredients in our Anti Wrinkle Complex 

Matrixyl 3000: combined with Dermaxyl is the latest and most potent synergistic anti-aging ingredients ever developed. DermaRadiant contains 9.99% of these active ingredients. Clinically proven to provide these additional benefits; conditioning of skin, reduction of dryness and improvement of skin elasticity.
Retinol 5: Retinol 5 belongs to the class of Retinoids, a form of Vitamin A with the potency to fight the signs of aging – and repair photo-aged skin at a clinical and molecular level. Retinol 5 is widely regarded by dermatologists as an effective product for reducing the appearance of aging, without the risks related to chemical or surgical intervention.
Vitamin E Oil: As well as ensuring protection against ultraviolet radiation, the supplement of vitamin E in cosmetics has a benign effect on smoothness and moisture content of the skin. Both of these factors are strongly associated with the operating ability of the skin barrier. Vitamin E effects also help in the construction of red blood cells and facilitate the use of vitamins A and K and the trace mineral selenium. When vitamin E products are applied to the skin, they have positive effects against skin aging attributable to ultraviolet light, such as sunbeams. The application of vitamin E in cosmetics initially reinforces the inwardly aligned efficient defensive mantle of the skin. Some studies have also shown the caring effects of vitamin E in cosmetics for acne and scars treatment as well as for promoting healing of eczema, burns, and other skin ailments. When vitamin E-containing products are applied to the skin, they are believed to promote curing, protecting cells from reducing itchiness and free-radical damage. Many people today use vitamin E cosmetics to ensure the most favorable skin health and inhibit oxidation processes and signs of aging.

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